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***** Day 30. Ride for creation resumes. 5 days to Washington DC for medical tests.....

***** Day 30. Ride for creation resumes. 5 days to Washington DC for medical tests.....
The vehicle is as ready as it will ever be and it seems to be very ready.
As a driver I am as ready as I need to be, quite ready.
I have much to learn but I have learned an enormous amount in the last 29 days. Most importantly that this is a campaign to light a fire. It is the same campaign that Jesus began 2000 years ago. I may be doing it well. I may be doing it poorly. But I see that it is exactly what I'm called to do.
I've learned a tremendous amount as to how to do this journey, from the limits of the vehicle, to how to go beyond the limits of the vehicle, how to fully harness the Sun, I have optimized the vehicle, the manufacturer has optimize the vehicle, I am learning to be much more independent in problem solving and maintenance, my skills for route planning and route optimization continue to grow.
My sense of where to find living souls, those one in a million, is growing.
Today was really the culmination of the manufacturers efforts and mine to complete the foundation for the expansion of this campaign. I've spent several days, the last several days in Home Depot parking lots finalizing the solar trailer design and implementation, weatherproofing and wind proofing the vehicle and its contents. It seems to be very ship shape. Yes, many problems will arise in the future but the strong foundation is laid.
Hours were spent today by me contemplating where next. My first thoughts were the holiday crowds at Virginia Beach or Myrtle Beach. Both are about 2 days too far to make sense at this point in time. Meandering through the small and large towns between Durham and Washington DC over the next four or 7 days it seems to me the most productive next step. Doing so will lend me back in DC in time for medical appointments and the resumption by the Congress criminals. I envision having el fusion on Capitol Hill for one or two days maybe 3. They are not worth more than that.
My major cancer scan and consult with my oncologist is about 3 weeks out. I may be allowed to sleep in the shelter that I was in before I left Washington. That will be helpful but if I need to sleep in parks or surrounding towns that would be okay too. I envision while waiting the several weeks for my final cancer evaluation to travel maybe up into Amish country.
I expect I will learn a lot in coming weeks and months about where to find the few souls that have the potential to ignite. I suspect that each day will be my best attempt to physically place myself on those routes and in those towns or areas where those souls are most likely to be. My sense of the hallmark of the souls is profound humility, a sense of awe and wonder at creation that is very deep not shallow and self-serving. A deep and healthy sense of troubling at the precipice that humanity has brought everything to.

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