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***** If I know anything of value, if I have anything of value to share, it all boils down to this.....

***** If I know anything of value, if I have anything of value to share, it all boils down to this:

1. We are virtually all born in what I will refer to as the Holy Spirit, the spirit of universal, unconditional Loving, what I think Schweitzer referred to as the reverence for life. I understand this as nothing more or less than one of the psychological states that is available to us.

2. Further, I perceive that six thousand years or so ago we moved out of the tiny tribes we were designed to be in, where all the stimulation was of the notion of universal family, and have since  developed huge cultures that strip away from us virtually all of the natural stimulation of the Holy Spirit, that sense of universal Loving, reverence for life.

3.  As a consequence, now, in 2015, in the United States and the Western world, within months or a few years we strip away from our children the Holy Spirit, unconditional Loving, reverence for life... and replace it with a religiously conditional Loving, a religious lusting for self, for me and mine.

4.  What miniscule hope there is now for life worth living depends upon the individual and collective return to every breath submission to that spirit of reverence for life that I believe we were all born into, and that we can still, if we so choose, if we devote the immense time and effort, that we can find within ourselves and return reign over ourselves individually, to. We must find it within ourselves and bring it back to the rule of ourselves individually, and thereby, only thereby, provide encouragement to others to do the same.

5.  My life is devoted, every breath, to this task, within myself and to foster it within others.

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CGMcG said...

You and Pope Francis have similar messages....really almost identical. Hope you have had clear check-up from oncologist....and that your eye issue can be treated and cleared. xxoo