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***** major update. How are things going here in DC? My medical Outlook?.....

***** major update. How are things going here in DC? My medical Outlook?..... If you saw the video log ( speaking of Schweitzer's concept 'reverence for life' then I have little to add regarding how things are going here in DC. ( if not, I suggest you take a moment and view it now.)If he was correct that reverence for life is the essential ingredient in sanity, Humanity, decency, being of hope for the future rather than its destruction... then my return to dc has only confirmed that... There is no Life here. There is frenzy. There is a feeding frenzy. There is a frenzy for stuff, status, position, stimulation, sensation, safety, superiority ..... But there is no life. There is no reverence for life. Exactly as one who is color blind does not have the receptors to see certain colors, exactly in that way the over privileged that populate DC have had those receptors for reverence for life burned away, systematically atrophied, by their upbringing In this sickest, Most suicidal, of all cultures. I am speaking most particularly of the left, the Liberals, but also of the right. The great intellectual Ashley Montagu said without trace of cynicism, we die by degrees in this society, high school degree, bachelors degree, masters degree, PhD degree.... Teresa of Calcutta observed, the greatest poverty I have seen is the poverty of spirit in the West. I do not suspect she was speaking of the poor and disadvantaged. There is no future other than hell on earth unless by some miracle that reverence for life is rekindled Among large masses of people. And to that end of my life is devoted.

As to the outlook for me personally: The major CAT scan including radioactive(?) dye occurred this past Monday and the review of results with my oncologist is scheduled for this coming Monday. My sense is that I will be back on the road spreading the gospel of citizen uprising for many many many many many months. Hence I am working to get all medical issues resolved including dental and other, and logistics such as redirected mail. I have had one dental appointment and another scheduled for several weeks out that could lead to another yet. Also, with up to 10 hours per day of traveling that I do I am scheduled to have an old orthopedic issue addressed the end of October. Whether I will delay my departure that long is not clear.

  oh, and an odd, possibly serious, concern has arisen regarding my left eye. Only 2 months ago two different ophthalmologists evaluated my eyes and prescribed my first set of glasses. In just that short time my left eye has deteriorated to the point that one of the opthamologists says that it is no longer possible to give me clear far site. He is somewhat concerned that something may be going on neurologically or behind the eye. In several weeks there is an appointment scheduled to evaluate that situation.

Mercifully and miraculously the very tough staff of the shelter I have been staying in broke all rules several times and fully allowed me back after being away for 35 days. Also, the parking arrangements in front of a massive DC Municipal Building at night is also working out allowing me to sleep away from the vehicle.

 While confined here in DC for reasons mentioned above I am situating the vehicle and myself in high traffic areas spreading the gospel among the zombies; yesterday and the day before at a park three blocks from the White House on K Street, the heart of lobbyists and nonprofit land. Today on Capitol Hill. Next week with Pope Francis drawing huge crowds to DC I will hope to situate in the midst of those crowds outside of Union Station. I will not know till then if security arrangements will make that impossible.

 Strategically my sense is that I have been blind for years but now can see dimly. That is, now that I see what the problem is the absence of reverence for life, ( ) which may be essentially what is correctly meant by the Holy Spirit, I am equipped with a workable problem definition. Equipped with this problem definition it is possible I may learn to better fashion myself into some minuscule remedy which is all that I wish to be, which is the only interest I have in remaining in this prison we call 2015 life. One of the impacts of this vastly improved problem definition that I now have is the notion it has given me that when I am in the presence of another I am in the presence of one of two things that are almost always possible from that individual: I am in the presence of their zombie, evil, spirit... Or, highly unlikely, the presence of the Holy Spirit, their reverence for life with which I believe we are all born. My a tendency has been to confront the evil spirit, the spirit of death and destruction, and the evil and idiocy, and or the excuses, cowardice and diversions... that it invariably spews. But the new insight with which I am now equipped at times, and I think possibly will become a primary response from me, causes me to simply wait, yes, maybe for eternity, but to wait for the Holy Spirit return within the individual who is in front of me. Yes, I do think there is some minuscule hopefulness to doing so, an infinitely greater hopefulness than any other response I can think of. What hopefullnrss? The hopefulness encapsulated in this: nature abhors a vacuum. If I am now, after a lifetime, finally seeing the problem clearly, I think the hopefulness would be in then, with my current clarity which may well increase substantially with practice, to be a presence in someone else's life, even for a few seconds, someone who is in the spirit of evil, self-centeredness, selfishness, lust... that is inhabiting them, a presents that sees clearly and with conviction that this evil spirit is not their natural, true, only spirit.... That putting them in contact with, in the presence of, someone who sees this truth might well be the, the only, way that one person can provide another the chance of salvation, escape, from that evil spirit. -- Sent from Fast notepad

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