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you are a wonderful human being, my oncologist said to me....

You are a wonderful human being. It is an honor to take care of you, my oncologist said to me this morning. She is tremendously sweet, and of course, tremendously competent. She is from China. She has been my oncologist for several years now. I had just, choked with emotion, observed to her that the human rights work I am now doing with this vehicle is the most productive of my life and that it would not be occurring had she and the other folks at Georgetown not kept me alive and functioning thus far. What she said to me seemed genuine and seem to come from deep inside her. She is a person of few words. I find it difficult to know what a healthcare professional really feels because they are very professional and observe boundaries very tightly. But she seemed to mean what she said about me and that was nice for me to hear. It is profoundly important to me to make worthwhile all the resources that have been spent to make me functional.

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