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The New York Times and The Washington Post have more Palestinian blood on their hands than anyone. By spouting their lies, their murderous misrepresentation of the Israeli Holocaust of Palestinians, they are the major murder. When they are stopped in their bloody lying the genocide will stop.
I expect for the foreseeable future to be a daily presence in front of The Washington Post. Most days it will be from before 8 a.m. till after 6 p.m. I think it likely that at some time in the future I will commence an open-ended hunger strike, water only, to add emphasis. I am extremely glad to see this opportunity.
Yes, I will have no impact. Yes, I will once again fail to make any difference. I will once again fail to stop the Zioni Holocaust. But I will not fail to try with my last breath.
I am extremely glad to see this opportunity to attempt to help.
Yes, the last hunger strike almost killed me, 8 days of hospitalization kept me alive (SPDF Stop Palestines Death Fast). Too many done so far, on top of the cancer and the abdomonal surgeries. I don't care what happens to this body except that it be used to serve my real body which is all of humanity.

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