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***** My body dreads resuming the travels. My soul knows nothing but doing so.I have.....

***** My body dreads resuming the travels. My soul knows nothing but doing so.
I have nothing but deepest gratitude for the opportunity to resume the campaign, traveling around the country with this vehicle for Palestine, for the future of all creation. My body dreads the departure... sleeping in parking lots, unwanted everywhere, no security, extreme danger, at times, on roads, cold, wet, uncertain food based on unsolicited donations,  physically exhausted and in pain....

I care about my body. I listen to my body, occasionally. But my soul who is who and what I am. My soul is all that I want to be. So is all any of us should want to be if we were saying.
Seen on Facebook long ago: you do not have a soul. You are a soul. You have a body.

Departure time is uncertain: have pending medical exams, orthopedic, vision, and dental. Hopefully all this week, and from them I should know whether I can depart late this week or whether some future medical appointments will dictate that I stay in DC longer. And each day I stay increases the likelihood that weather could postpone my departure by months. 

But my guess, and my determination, is that I will depart before the weather makes it impossible.

My expectation is to head south, probably along the recently devastated coastline, to Florida. And then to travel west along the coast. I don't know how one crosses the desert on a vehicle like mine, or a bike.

I'll end of the journey when I see some better way to serve humanity or my life or health are terminated. My guess is that this journey will take me around the country for the next 10 - 12 months. I have some vague sense of attempting to transit all 48 contiguous states.

What then? I don't know. But I have a sense that this vehicle will be my home base, my home, 4 whatever years I am left on earth.

 I find spending more than is represented by this vehicle morally abhorrent on a planet with so many in dire need.

What resources may come to me in the future, beyond the bare requirements of sustaining this ride for creation, belong not to me, but to my needier global family. And high on the list are the masses that have been destroyed, largely, to generate what wealth I have had in my life... The Native Americans and the African Americans.

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Antony c said...

Good luck with your journey. It sounds good. But you must take care of your health. Please.