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***** Update on my human rights activism work. 100% of my energies are

Update on my human rights activism work.

100% of my energies are now devoted to stopping the grotesque violation of Palestinian human rights. Gone are my efforts to stop global warming. I have really lost all loyalty to the human species. The species that would allow the violation Palestinians is not a species for which the universe is better off. If we throw off the Israeli American decimation of Palestine I'll reconsider.

As I've written in recent weeks it is clear to me that those most responsible immediately, aside from we pathetic citizens, are the most respected news organizations, Washington Post, New York Times, Associated Press.  They write Israel as an equal fight, like Russia and the United States, not what it is, today's Warsaw Ghetto, today's apartheid South Africa, today's Jim Crow South, today's African American slaves....

This is my third day in front of Associated Press.

Two weeks ago my target was Washington Post. I have moved from there in part because this past weekend they ran two shockingly appropriate articles.

I anticipate that for the foreseeable future from early in the morning until mid evening when I need to eat, thaw out, and rest, I will be in front of the Associated Press 13th Street.

This past weekend I staked out two Whole Foods Markets on the theory that the influential in DC would frequent those places. I think that was a good idea and I'm likely to continue to do such things. Earlier, it directing my attention to tourists. I think it is more productive to target those in DC who can influence the people in so-called power.

Last week I also spent time up on Capitol Hill where the Congress creatures slither and at Union Station where the Senate staff transit to and from work on foot. I expect that each week I will repeat that pattern as well.

Yes, I expected that I would be in Florida by now. Till the recent acceleration of horror on Palestinians, that was my plan, to be traveling the country with this vehicle promoting renewable energy.

The vehicle was really purchased with that in mind. So I am repurposing the vehicle and my daily activities. The vehicle remains hugely valuable to my work. It is attention-grabbing, speaks intelligence, credibility, and the signage is primarily to free Palestine. And, it is a roving office for my work, which was part of my original intention.

Any who have followed my work understand that the third population for which I advocate are the homeless and poor, and the way of means learn to monumentally downsize, to live sustainably, and to redistribute our resources to our brothers and sisters who need them more than we do. Another part of my reason for getting this vehicle was the notion that it might be my home base. That is, I might move out of any abode even as humble as the homeless shelter I have been in, into Walmart parking lots around the country, I thought. Maybe now, into the streets of Washington DC. In any case, it is now serving as a platform for my all day electronics based work. I run off of the Sun. It provides the presence and signage that I need. And it is a zero cost, now, means of transportation.

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