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In defense of Jews, a note to my ex Jewish friend.

I adore Christ. Even to the point of having a cross tattooed on my forehead. To that extreme degree I  detest Christmas and Christianity. With all due respect, again, I strongly disagree with you laying the horror of Palestine at the feet of all Jews. There are billions of people that self describe as Christians. As one who adores Jesus, I see not one in a million that Jesus would say follow him. Among the few godly people I see on earth are the real Jews who are fighting the genocide. Are they perfect? I doubt that they are. But Jews, true Jews, are showing incredible godliness. The rest, to me, are Zionists, non Jews. It is not consequential to me how they self-describe. Gideon Levy is the problem? Noam Chomsky is the problem? Max Blumenthal is the problem? Jewish Voice for Peace is the problem? Norman Finkelstein is the problem? in my view, none of these great souls is perfect. They all carry baggage. I understand them to be among the handful of true Jews, incredibly godly, and not the problem. I detest all of the organized religions, all of them, for what they have made of themselves. But I cannot afford myself the luxury of painting with too broad of a brush. There are Christians that Jesus would recognize as such, though just one in a million. There are Jews, one in a million, that the Creator would recognize as such. I am going to discourage even them by not acknowledging their godliness? How could I do such a thing?

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