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Medical update, onset of blindness: I think that my specialist today.......

Medical update, onset of blindness: I think that my specialist today...

... is less concerned than the last week specialist as to macular degeneration. Yet, she, today, can not yet explain why my eyesight has degenerated so rapidly in only a month. The cataract in my left eye is large enough to explain some of it but it does not neatly explain all of it. Yet, we have tentatively scheduled cataract surgery for mid December. But before firming that up she wants me evaluated by a retinal specialist. That is scheduled for the last day in November now.

It is unlikely, based on review of today's specialist, the most senior that I have yet seen I believe, it is unlikely that this is a situation that can not be arrested. The specialist last week seemed quite concerned about macular degeneration. Depending upon the type that is something that can accelerate with little ability to stop it. Today's specialist suggests that it is not as advanced as I was understanding.

But again, the rate of deterioration is something that today's specialist cannot explain based on what she is seeing so far. So November 30th hopefully we will learn more.

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CGMcG said...

It must be very distressing to be battling visual issues. Glad u can get cataract taken care of. Mom (yours) had macular degeneration. Don't remember final disposition. Thinking of you....xo