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regarding the blindness increasing in my eyes: an update to my general practitioner....

The opthamologist at Georgetown yesterday, first time she had seen me, seemed shocked and at a loss as to how my eyesight could have degenerated so rapidly in just the last three weeks. It was three or four weeks ago that I saw the neuro opthamologist. She performed tests on me that had not been performed before, finding AMD in both eyes, particularly the left eye, and cataracts in both eyes, particularly the left eye. Next week I meet with a specialist at Georgetown who will evaluate whether cataracts are the primary problem and whether surgery is indicated. I'm guessing, from what I see online, that I will hope that the answer is yes because it looks like if it is AMD that is primarily making the left I go blind that that is far less treatable. I provide this just as an update for you. I am concerned because as you know my only interest in life is in serving and I would be severely crippled if I lost eyesight. But as you know, I'm a big boy, and I'll handle whatever comes my way. I'm sure that I am getting excellent treatment although if you think of any specialists that I should be seeing other than Georgetown I'm sure you will let me know. I will update you after next Tuesday's appointment at Georgetown.

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Make sure you do get good service.