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It appears that I will not be regaining the sight in my left eye, after all. Although I began .......

It appears that I will not be regaining the sight in my left eye, after all. Although I began work, and put in hours, beginning in June when it became apparent that my current insurance policy would have to be replaced by a managed care policy, the city  bureaucracy totally screwed up and I am informed more recently of two things: one, the hospital is bumping me from my December surgery date, presumably because I'm poor and they figure they won't get any repercussions by doing so, and 2. The city screwed up and is dropping my insurance the end of this month, without the transitionn I've been working on to Medicare for which I am fully eligible. My major concern is driving, which I must do for Palestine, but this vehicle, although wonderful, has inherent blind spots that make it difficult to see pedestrians at intersections, and with my left eye pretty useless, that compounds the problem.

My biggest concern is those that don't have the skills to advocate for themselves. The city is filled with well-meaning social workers, but beyond helping one make phone calls, due to the person not having a phone, or having no idea who to call, there is a profound lack of ability to get any results, and even worse, to recognize that lack of ability to get results, is quite staggering.  There is a profound sense in this social work community that trying to help is enough. It is a horrible thing for all concerned.

Not that it matters, but I think that this profound failing of the Social Work community is at least largely a systemic problem. Underpaid. Under supported. Poorly led. Inadequately incentivized. Infinitely too few tools provided by we uninterested, unconcerned taxpayers. Radical Republican insurgency working to further destroy what safety net exists. And a social work profession that has a horrible temptation endemic. How does one hold oneself to a high level of performance outcomes when your supervisor is not going to do so, and when your clients with few if any exceptions are in a position to even know what competent performance is, let alone to demand it?  And if they did demanded, who would listen? Consequently, with few if any exceptions the social worker is exactly going to hold themselves to the profoundly low standard of being pleasant, being courteous, making phone calls, and then accepting, oh well, at least we tried....... Christian nation? My ass.

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