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Just came from the surgeon examining her handiwork of yesterday. She

Just came from the surgeon examining her handiwork of yesterday. She is just as nice as anyone could possibly be. She is very pleased with her work. The way these things go my eyesight should continue to improve over the next month. My next visit is next Thursday. I need to self-administer three different drops 4 times a day. Yuck. I've been ready to go home for years. It is no fun for me being on this hellish eaeth that we have created. But if I'm going to be here my joy, what keeps me alive, is serving, and having this left eye back is an immense gift. I told the surgeon and I think she was very much touched by my appreciation. How rarely we express our appreciation, no?       The hospital and others really jumped through hoops so that I could get the surgery this month, because my insurance goes away on January 1st. Argh! I'm so appreciative of everyone's efforts.

don't tell. I'm supposed to be resting, but this is the last day before everyone leaves Washington DC on their holidays. So here I am at Farragut square on lobbyist K Street.

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