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***** "James, please backup your bold statement that you find Muslims infinitely more Christlike than you find Christians to be." My reply: " I .........

***** "James, please backup your bold statement that you find Muslims infinitely more Christlike than you find Christians to be." My reply:  " I don't make "bold statements," that is, I do not make the mistake of minding the business of others, what they think. I sometimes share what I have come to understand. You said please, so I will take a moment and share some additional thoughts.  Until several years ago I never thought about Muslims, which means, that I took the Hollywood line, the media of line, which simply replaced what it did to Native Americans and about 60, 70, years ago started doing the same thing to Muslims, demonising them, making them subhuman targets. When I began researching, thinking, observing, and paying attention to my own personal encounters, I arrived in summary at what I shared above. Probably every day I personally encounter a new, for me, Muslim. Regarding this, and the other things I'll share here, I'll share what I understand to be Christ-like characteristics. You are welcome to agree or disagree. This is not a topic on which I intend to debate with you or anyone. Out of courtesy, I am simply replying to your question. In the Muslims I encounter I encounter profound modesty, and humility. Where I would expect to find Western Christian rage at being so savagely terrorized, raped, pillaged, exploited, humiliated, subjugated, raided, looted, destroyed... by the West these decades, I find deep generosity, hurt, peacefulness, acceptance, hurt and forgiveness. When I reflect on history it becomes much more striking to me. It is the Western so called Christians that perpetrated slavery in the Americas, that waged two world wars, that firebombed Dresden, and Tokyo, that delivered colonial terrorism to the Congo, to Vietnam, to Algiers, to Afghanistan, to Iraq, to Yemen, to India, that note to civilian cities in Japan unnecessarily.... It is the West that lives by the sword by any and every objective measure by many many many orders of magnitude. I could go on. Be well friend. One of my heroes is Gandhi and he arrived at the similar conclusion, I like your Christ, I do not like your Christians. They are so unlike your Christ."

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