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***** Regarding my plan for Solidarity, to refuse an apartment for me. Comments and dialogue thus far.

!!!! ARGH! !!!! The post said global media! What I intended......

1.  !!!! ARGH! !!!! The post said global media! What I intended to say was global neediest!!!!!!!!   "I have no hope in anything anymore, except in absolute lived solidarity with the global neediest and my joy is in doing so and in supporting the one in a million that seems to have found, or is showing the propensity to find, a similar path." I voice type and the post of this morning must have been between unintelligible and ridiculous with this error. If you read it with the error please consider reconsidering the post.

2. Please do not have the idea that I am looking for an out, looking to escape, my plan A which is to turn down this opulent housing so that every penny can go to the few heroically fighting for Palestine, and so that I can have the joy of lived solidarity with them as much as possible which, to my understanding, is exactly and entirely the gospel as lived and taught by my primary hero, Jesus.  I look up on my plan A with great joy and open arms. However, if there is a plan B that dramatically better serves humanity then I must consider that and for that I asked your input.

3.  Thank you to those who have responded to this morning's email already. I am very much hoping to hear from others of you.  I believe that the following are most all of the exchanges that have been sparked so far:

SS:  I read your post. Just mentioning that you can free up a space in the shelter for someone else to use, can be more effective, but particularly you will be able to share the space with anyone who needs it. Perhaps you will be able to offer it to a Palestinian activist, a worker with refugees, an actual refugee or family.... just because you would like it is actually not a good reason to turn it down.

JM:  Huh? Turn it down because I would like it? That is the kind of fetish that I abhor. I believe that every human being on earth has the right to a roof over their head, because that is right. But that does not mean it is my job to provide that. Some people may be called to do so, I am NOT. As I thought I was clear in my post and in other posts my role is to inspire, instruct, inform, exemplify the true activist, total, complete, lived solidarity, the only revolution, the only hope that there has ever been. I may be failing miserably. I may continue to fail miserably but it is my role to try and do so. It is the only attempt that makes sense to me it is the only attempt that makes sense to me for any of us. It is so obvious to me that it is what we should all strive to do. And it is the choice that I prefer over any and every option I can think of. It is a betrayal of that role if I let anything distract me from it, & I shall not. And I do not think it's my role alone. I think it's the role that the likes of all of the people that I idolize called us to, yet we all insist on the trillion excuses why we should not follow their call. I may fail at everything but I will not fail to try and follow the call. It's amazing to me that no one seems to understand this from my communications and my work.

SS:  I only mentioned that because you are so determined to do everything for others. So accepting a good and affordable place, even if it only means that you are more effective in your work, I think is a good plan. You know, you could do it as an experiment. If you don't find yourself more effective, you can give it up after the lease (or whatever) is up.

JM:  Yes, I thought of that, taking it as an experiment. But I really have much data on which to make this decision, years here in DC, a lifetime, and the last 10 years or so to an extreme degree, studying the world and the landscape and how things are. And with the outreach that this post today represents I think that by weeks end if there is any new data for me to consider I will have it by then. <3

SS:  Some of us undoubtedly responded to this: If, however, I needed the apartment to support profound humanity, a true activist(s), for example, or, Syrian refugees...  It's up to you to follow whatever call there may be. But I do encourage you to say yes. I also suggest that your call out asking the question is a suggestion that you feel the possibility as well. Now you have replied, so I'll see what you wrote.

JM:  Lol. I am very pleased to have the opportunity of plan a. But the outreach regarding this post was if there is a better plan B then I certainly want to know that. But plan a is not something I am looking to avoid. I face it with eager and open arms.

SS:  Ah! I see. I don't have a better plan B. And I'm really happy this is coming your way. I'll watch for what happens.

SS:  Maybe the edge of being homeless is what drives your creativity. I don't know.

JM:  Not the edge of being homeless, but the edge of living in full solidarity with the neediest. The yearning for this is always been part of me. Part of me always hated the expensive house, that a woman that came and cleaned the house for us once a week, the country clubs, adults calling me mister and me supposed to call them by their first name because they were serving us. I always hated that while of course getting great pleasure at the same time from the privilege. When your brothers and sisters don't have homes, who wants to have a home? I don't understand that. I never did. I accepted it but I didn't understand it. Now I don't understand it and I refuse to accept it.

SS:  Yes. That's absurd privilege. I never had that level, and my parents came from poor so I wasn't raised that way.

JM:  My dad, the most godly man I have ever known, was from poverty and he never wanted privilege for himself but he thought that was the way to love us.


FA:  I love u James Mcginley :) u r one in million

JM:  Well, what extremely kind words. Very kind of you sister.


 ( FA, who is Pakistani):  There is no point to what I'm about to tell you. When I was growing up it was in one of the wealthiest towns in the world, a suburb of New York City. I remember that my older sister, who went to a private school, had a friend that I met on several occasions. Her name was Fosia (sp???) And she was from Pakistan. She was an exchange student. I remember her being one of the most amazingly lovely souls that I have ever encountered.

FA:  Good people find goodness everywhere may Allah bless u with good health n give u long life world needs people like u at this time specially

JM:  My personal prayer, which I don't make, would be the creator would take me home tonight. I've long been tired of this world. But I find immense joy in the futile task of trying to make it better for others. So with every breath in this life sentence that I've been given I will try to do so.

FA:  I respect ur thoughts everything is going on the way it has to be its difficult to live yes ur right but never give up stay strong people are awaking

JM:  I live primarily for someone in the future. Because it is clear to me we refuse to awaken today.

FA:  In sha Allah


DW:  If you don't have someone in mind at this time it may be best to take it until you can offer it to others in need.  Is there a chance that you could lose the option?

JM:  I would lose the option. And I do not see any time to waste. Not a second. I know of organizations that are fighting with their very lives for Palestinians and money to their work would serve better than keeping a speculative option like this open.

NA:  I agree with DW, take it until you see what u can do with it.


JH:  My selfish rationalization is people might less respect the opinions of a homeless person. People might more respect the opinions of someone who demonstrates ability to care for therself. But I don't know.

JM:  JH, thank you. I think you are exactly right, about people. But I have no hope in people. I live for, all of my hope, my only hope, is in the one in a million that is either out of the matrix, or potential for getting out of the matrix. The true, or latent activists. The one in a million, and not only would they not be put off, they would get it, they too are living, or leaning toward living full solidarity with the neediest, not charity, solidarity.


DN:  You may have addressed this but, would you be able to / allowed invite others (say refugees etc that have been vetted) to live in / use this apartment / space also - if so then this could be the beginning of something like what I remember you had with Thomas years ago

Also no shame or harm in giving yourself access to a basic necessity - 

Imho, it's you that are able to do the most good, not the meger ss funds - use some of  them to take care of your vessel and continue to do good in the world - $ is $ - actions are actions -  your actions / ability to continue actions should always trump $ matters

All that said, it would not surprise or disappoint me if you turn down this seemingly great opportunity - please just use your best judgement.

JM:  You are always so kind.

Yes, it is my effort, it is our efforts, which are the only thing that has the potential to redeem the world. Not money. But I have a responsibility to use the money that I cannot avoid receiving to maximum benefit. If by moving out onto the street it was something like certain death, or certain massive impairment, that would be something I would have to look at. Does it mean greatly increased risks of all bodily sorts? Of course. But not sufficient to sway my decision. And increased risk to my well being is way off set by the current extra-judicial murders by America / Israel at a rate now of two children per day, murdered, shot with exploding bullets, executed by settlers and the Israeli Gestapo, with total impunity, totally no consequence, 1 - 2 children per day now. That way over balances any concern about my physical well being of a speculative nature.


AL:  If it is subsidized you would not be able to have guests for long periods, so helping refugees by letting them stay at your place is out.  

The best argument that I hear for taking the place is the "base of operations" model.  You could use it as a meeting and planning place for a small group of people who are as committed as you are.

JM:  I know almost none in the area, or in the country for that matter, that are radically committed. That is the entire problem. Charity? Yes. Solidarity, no way. It too was my understanding that because the housing is subsidized I could have no long-term guests, but the manager of this particular property told me explicitly otherwise. That does not mean he is correct.

AL:  If the manager is cooperative you could find ways around the rules.  They're the main ones checking in (at least that's how it works up here in Frederick).  Worst case you'd lose the subsidy.

JM:  Thanks for the advice. I have also been advised that immigrants are under terrible scrutiny and that someone that looks like me could be a detriment to any of them that got close to me such as housing. I am totally clueless what if anything anyone can provide to refugees. I wish I knew where to become better informed, less totally ignorant.

AL:  I guess taking in a refugee would be difficult.  Is there anyone you encounter during your daily routine who deserves and could benefit from having a roof over their head?

JM:  I believe that the term, human rights, is correctly understood as that which is right. It is right that every human being have a roof over their head. But that does not mean that that is the fight that I am to fight, and it is not. Mine is to live in what I believe is the only revolution that has been ever possible, and exactly and precisely the revolution which Jesus intended to set in motion, and never did. That revolution is the revolution of lived solidarity with the global neediest, which is exactly what he did and exactly what he taught and exactly what we have refused to do. So I understand that it is my role to live that as absolutely as I can, and with any resources at my disposal to support the one in a million that is doing the same. Undoubtedly there are a few in the DC area that are doing the same but I have absolutely no visibility to them, and hence my outreach of earlier today. I am constantly on the lookout and I will continue to constantly be on the lookout. But as of now I don't see them. If I did that decision would be made by now and I would accept the property. Outside of DC I do see people that are standing fairly heroically for the people in Palestine and I envision that instead of taking the property I will devote all of what income I have to their work.

AL:  Okay.  I'm sorry I don't have other ideas.  If I think of any I will let you know.  My thoughts are with you and best of luck in making your decision.

JM:  Barring any further information it is an easy decision. And it is a decision with which I am very happy. But if there is an even better decision then I wish to know that before it is too late.

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