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You may know that I have been joyful in the clarity of turning down the housing that is available for me because by a factor of infinity I would rather buy one more sleeping bag for one of my children, for 1 more minute of Doctors Without Borders healing one of them, in Palestine than have a roof over my head for one year. But contrary to popular opinion I am NOT an extremist, not a zealot. I am a very practical person. I know what I want far clearer than most people, and I am pragmatically determined to achieve it as best I can.

I do not deny that reducing the likelihood of my untimely demise, or, illhealth is better for my Palestinian family than otherwise. A third of my 2x poverty retirement income going to a roof over my head is inconceivable, but half of that he is something I would have to consider. Among the reasons I am detested by the activist community in DC is because just as dr. King came to see that the church was a fraud, that is what I see among my activist brothers and sisters in DC. They are a social club with a thin veneer of religiosity. And probably that horrific void has a lot to do with why Thomas couldn't stand to be in the world anymore. But to my understanding of it Thomas had one, 1, kindred spirit and she soon became a kindred spirit to me for the same reason. I'm always at war, I don't socialize, and this beloved lesbian turrets sister of mine has a wonderful life of her own, but she saw me on post yesterday and took me to a simple vegan meal. She wants to help me have a roof over my head. She seems to be offering an offer that I can't refuse. Offsetting some of what I would pay for a place by making donations to Palestine each month that I otherwise wouldn't be able to make, and that she otherwise would not be making. She might rise up, and pull out, but she might not.

If you know of any one, or people, that would be interested in helping to make this happen, now would be a good time to let me know. If you know of any people that would like to make small donations each month to charities for Palestine that I would identify that I otherwise would be donating to now would be a good time to let me know.

.... These are some of the Palestine related donations. There are some domestic donations that I make as well.

use of restroom facilities in Dc daily
food (friutes, veggies , rice, legumes...)
elf insurance
vigil essentials
Healthcare incidentals
Electronic Intifada
International Solidarity movement
Christian peace maker teams
Palestine children's relief fund PCRF
MAP medical aid for Palestine
breaking the silence
students for justice Palestine
Syrian relief
Church World Service
United Palestinian appeal
Southern Poverty Law Center
Sea Shepherd
common dreams
(Palestine) Welfare Association
open Hillel
US campaign to end the occupation of Palestine

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