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Help needed. Solar generators on car tops and or trailers......

I really want to see the following product line developed. My interest is not Financial, it has to do with saving the Earth from the fiery hell of global warming. 

My interest is far from idle. I have miniscule means, but if by some miracle talented individuals, particularly engineering, emerge, what little monthly income I have I would be interested in putting behind such an effort, along with what talents I have or could develop for internet fundraising.

The idea is to develop to the point of feasibility ' and to promote the idea of , solar trailers and solar car tops.  Did you know that 80% of residences that otherwise could use solar energy cannot do so because of the occupants being renters, or zoning, or other reasons?

You know of my solar trailer. What I am tantalized by is the possibility through a combination of things including clever folding mechanism, some sort of anchor to deal with wind issues, and even to track the Sun as it crosses the sky, to develop something that instead of being limited to about 100 Watts , could accommodate 2, 3, 400 watts (when stationary, and when wind conditions don't preclude doing so). I hope you can imagine the kind of thing I'm envisioning. Bicycles, electric bicycles, and cars be they electric cars or not, sit stationary for a long periods of the day. 

Right now I'm sitting with my vehicle stationary at K Street, lobbyist Row in Washington DC, with my panel angled toward the Sun , I reposition it every couple of hours to be directly at the sun, generating electricity that I will use tonight to power some of my appliances in my apartment. If I had two or three or four hundred Watts I could easily generate enough electricity to power everything in my apartment including refrigerator and small range.

If you ever think of any talented individuals, most particularly mechanical and or electrical engineering, that might want to do even exploratory discussions on the electrical, mechanical, financing or marketing aspects of this PLEASE let me know.

And no need to consider this idea proprietary to me. As I say, I am interested in seeing it developed, my interest is not personal or financial.


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