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I seem to be undergoing a sea change.

Shame on any who saw the error of my ways, or the oversight, and did not tell me.

Beginning October last year I shifted from 100% focus on renewable energy, to 0% focus on renewable energy, stopping global warming, on the basis that fighting to save a civilization, a species, Humanity, that is so Savage that they sit by while a genocide in Palestine goes into the year 70, well, my loyalty to that species was gone and I was not going to fight to save it.

More recently my admiration, my love, for Bernie Sanders, has probably been all too clear from my postings, but I've also been clear that I would not and could not vote for him unless and until he came out unequivocally against the genocide in Palestine.

Well, I seem to be undergoing a sea change. Here is what I mean. Since October of last year I have been fighting for the Palestinian part of my family to have basic human rights, despite the fact that I realized I was totally failing, that anyone fighting this is failing. All of the money and all the weapons in the world are on the side of the u.s. Israeli extermination land grab of Palestine. But I figured that my fighting was something I needed to do anyway, and I figured that in some way I might be slightly reducing the amount of suffering that these victims must endure.

The sea change is that I now see environmental work, and voting for Bernie Sanders in that same light. Yes, my loyalty to a species that perpetrates this Palestinian genocide is gone. But not my loyalty to the victims, that is not gone. My loyalty to the victims of our Criminal Savage Beastial use of fossil fuels is not gone. And the election of Bernie Sanders slows down the global warming machine and the other ways that the u.s. Empire corporate fascist machine tortures torments terrorizes and terminates the needy in this country, and Palestine, and around the world. Even any and all work if otherwise doomed to fail 2 attempt to get president Sanders elected has that benefit because it is education to the country and to the world of the type of world we should have.

Like I say, a sea change. Exactly how it will manifest I'm not sure but in my work, manifest, it will.

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