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***** Update regarding my system, nervous system, crash: A. confession is good for the soul, and my long post of yesterday regarding my system, nervous system, crash I think was cathartic. Thanks to my friends for being with me.  2. Having enough vitamin B12 is really important, and as a new, pretty much vegan, I need shots or supplements or both for that and was not getting them. 3. And most importantly, Without love it is nothing. If not explicitly devoted to loving, I wish to not be alive. Except when explicitly channeling the loving that is in all of us, I wish not to be in this grotesque hellish world that we have created. I think what my nervous system was telling me is that if not loving, it is not the revolution, no matter how tempting, Sanders campaign, it is too little too late, squandering the tiny little bit of time we have left. No, I am not arguing against Sanders, he is a godsend, and I think, a loving man. But the movement is not loving, not nearly enough, anyway. It is about globally grotesquely over privileged Millennials wanting more Justice for themselves. No, that is not bad, per se. It is not enough. The clarity that seems to have come to me yesterday in deep meditation is that my life needs to rededicate to loving, being loving (in action), and thereby demonstrating the path of loving, with each breath. The jury in front of whom I need to live my life is the people of today and the future that demand nothing less of me than marking the path of loving, desperate for me, pleading for me, for all of us, to find and mark this, the only, way out of the Darkness, the only way to turn from the abyss. It is the path of individual salvation for everyone who walks it... joy, peace of heart , regardless of external circumstances. It is the only potential salvation for any Shred of decency on Earth now or in the future. It is not exclusive of what Sanders and the campaign are trying to do. But as correctly stated in 1 Corinthians 13, without love it is nothing. It is a clashing cymbal. It is finally and absolutely too late for clashing cymbals. LOL, incidentally, last night I seemed to resolve the slow unuseability of my phone, tablet, as well. We'll see.

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