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### " you have arrived!" If you have ever let Google guide your trip with voice prompts you know what I'm referring to. So far, I'm easily amused, I laugh..........

### " you have arrived!" If you have ever let Google guide your trip with voice prompts you know what I'm referring to. So far, I'm easily amused, I laugh every time. As I pull up to this flea-bitten Motel, you have arrived, as though I've just driven up to the Trump Towers. Hysterical. Yes, indeed, I have arrived. I'm getting smarter, less stupid, about the free Palestine vehicle. More expert in terms of managing my speed for efficiency and Aesthetics and stamina. I'm finally getting quite good at it which is satisfying. Also good at managing my panels. There's really quite a lot to it. I have two panels. If one is in the shade either from my caution Flags or because the vehicle is shadowing it on the trailer from the Sun it drops the other panel to the same level all the way down to zero. But if I detatch that panel that's in the shades and I no longer lose the panel in the Sun. Boring I know but I find it quite interesting and satisfying to optimize the vehicle. I had a rude surprise, a battery failed much earlier than I thought it would to zero power. I later discovered to my satisfaction that it was in fact a broken cable which I have at least temporarily repaired. Tomorrow at 10 o'clock the graphics place in Columbia Maryland will replace the solar signage on the left hand side of the vehicle with the loving is Jesus religion, wagers of loving the only Revolutionaries, motif that is my primary offering to the world. And then barring any disasters back to DC by tomorrow night. Listened to dozens of articles on my way here today. And will spend several hours now stocking up on more articles to listen to in the six hours or so of travel that I have left. Aside from quite a bit of solar power despite the clouds, my fuel was about a gallon of chocolate milk and a gallon of sweet tea. Dinner will probably be some similar combination. Being tired and with goals to meet in terms of time my patience was pretty low with a, is it pedal-powered, does it have a motor, how fast does it go, does it have doors????? I'm not proud of it but my patience was pretty short. The world is on fire and all we have is meaningless questions. It surprises me, and I think it is something quite new, it surprises me the number of folks that say, good job for free Palestine. When I get comments it's that. Virtually no negative comments. Two years ago it would have been quite different. Midday beautiful gaggle of kids in a family we're getting out of their vehicle as I pulled up in the space next to it at a convenience store to get some chocolate milk. They were so appropriately thrilled with the vehicle the dad had on his yarmulke as did one or two of the older young boys. It seems unlikely that they did not notice the freeze Palestine on my hat and on the vehicle. I certainly didn't direct attention to it and they didn't bring it up. They parents were relaxed and the kids just enjoyed the heck out of the vehicle and of course I enjoyed finding their enthusiasm. Inside I mention to the mom who was quite tiny herself what a beautiful family she had such a life children. She said, alive, what a perfect word. Thank you. Early this morning in the Magnificent Brandywine Valley back roads, an hour and a half after I departed, before the sun had really risen in the sky, my first battery died on schedule. I pulled in at the top of an opulent driveway to change the battery. Within moments of fella in shorts and a t-shirt came out from his yard across the road, hi, what a wonderful vehicle, can I ask you about it. I stifled my inclination to say, bud, I've got a 90 Mile Drive ahead of me, and smiled sincerely and warmly and we spoke for probably half an hour. He's a scientist probably at Dupont or someplace. Made it known quickly that he's Jewish after seeing the free Palestine signage which he was very happy with. Said, boy the Holocaust really screwed up the Jews. I immediately corrected him, some Jews, and others it has brought out their incredible godliness. He readily agreed. We spoke for some time and he was very interested in My Views. He made it clear that his relatives are Jewish and his stance for Palestinian human rights has cost him significantly for which he has no regrets. James

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