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Manic depression? Metamorphosis? Both I suspect. Inseparable I suspect. Tho I can't cite the studies off hand I think there's a high correlation......

Manic depression? Metamorphosis? Both I suspect. Inseparable I suspect. 

Tho I can't cite the studies off hand I think there's a high correlation between the highly creative, high contributors, and some form of manic depression. I don't think it's much different than how I was as a world-class skier. You give your last drop of self to the downhill run, then you sit totally spent on the chair lift for a long time. Then repeat, repeat, repeat... gradually but surely becoming stronger, more competent, even more filled with joy and pain. 

This morning here at the DNC after receiving a lovely smile and loving comment from a young Palestinian woman, and then thinking for the very first time to order some Palestinian fair trade olive oil bringing me in closer personal contact with the part of my family I've been so devoted to for so long now, I'm overwhelmed with emotion. Sobbing. 

So much accumulated grief.

Partly exhaustion. For the last 2 days my mind has been unwilling to shut down,  little to no sleep, an Unstoppable torrent of thoughts... a yearning and now detailed planning to undertake a cross-country trip to try and encounter and ignite Souls able to rekindle human spirit should any there still be, a Cascade of breakthroughs regarding the free Palestine solar vehicle on issues I've been pondering enhancements I've been looking to along a myriad of dimensions, major major breakthroughs in my understanding of the physics and mechanics of this solar vehicle as to how much energy it takes from me the Sun climbing descents energy generation and output...  absolute explosion of and leaps in understanding. 

This after after weeks of high productivity coupled with despondency over the world and the utterly disgusting DNC et cetera. The journey continues. James

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