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***** EFLIUS Day 25. Working in the office here, today. Office work. Slept upstairs last night, first secure night on this voyage. Listened to......

EFLIUS Day 25. Working in the office here, today. Office work. Slept upstairs last night, first secure night on this voyage. Listened to the rain all night, well, those few moments that I was awake. Gladly promised the Godly young son of The Godly proprietor (this convert to Mormonism, LDS, in this substantially LDS community, reflexively offered his upstairs for me to rest for the night, the first person to even think of doing so on this long journey, here there was room at the Inn for the night) I told him gladly that his son could drive the Free Palestine Solar Fusion Sailor while waiting for the bus this morning. I slept through my alarm and didn't wake up except in time to see the bus departing out the upstairs window. I've rarely been so horrified. I can't remember the last time I've been so horrified at anything I've done. One thought was to use the day to retrieve the part I need from Durham which would be A 6 hour round trip, 7 hour round trip. Another was to occupy NC State in Greensboro, another 7 hour round trip. I can certainly use a day of office work in this Godly little Enclave. I may be romanticizing it but I don't think I am. It's 60 years ago... in 2016... a time machine.  As an ignorant northern white guy I expected to see racial tensions. What I see here, in Durham, and elsewhere where I have seen the races mixed in the south,  is  One race, the human race,  1 family, the Human family, as people treat one another.  Of course I'm not seeing the whole picture, but I'm seeing part of the picture.  It is certainly, what I have been exposed to, not more racially divided, and I am pretty sure less racially-divided, than the northern world that I've always lived in. They may or may not think of themselves this way, but it's family,  extended family, Universal family , the family Jesus died to create, Creator's Family,  regardless of religious background or affiliation. I don't know, but I would bet, that when anyone needs help, when someone is in trouble, when someone needs looking after,  the Community does it without thinking about it. Black white Filipino hispanic..... Everyone knows everyone's name. Everyone is respectful. Everyone is warm. Everyone knows everyone. They gather here and talk. It is a large extended family. Aside from my homeless shelter in DC I think this is the first fully, actually, comfortably, joyfully, integrated Community I've ever been in. Is there hate here? I suspect so. Is it perfect? I'm sure it is not. People seem happy. They are hundreds of years ahead of the rest of us, I suspect. There is much to be done here today online. Many many thousands of Google alerts I've not had the time to look at in the last month. Dozens or hundreds of Articles to cue up for the coming trip. Today I should be able to come to an understanding of the amount of watts that I need to budget per thousand foot climb, a project that I've worked on but have not yet mastered. Maybe some cleanup of the website blog. And by departing after the school bus arrives and Noah gets his ride I should be able to make it halfway,  20 mi, to the location where my part arrives at 10:30 tomorrow morning and do the rest tomorrow morning retaining the departure schedule I was on already. When I say I'm going to do something I always do it. It's selfish, I like the way that feels, and I like the way of being that is. A person is no better than their words. No other than their word. Their word means something or they mean nothing. And he is such an extraordinarily good young man. The whole family. If you pick up your cross it will cost you husband wife house Fields, but it will give you a hundred fold in this lifetime, connection with those people, no credit to themselves, that have retained some portion, or regained some portion, of their godliness. Godliness, loving, Universal family, is the only Beauty, the only thing lovely, the only thing that I value in this life. It is the Divine by whatever word or none at all. Oh,  LOL. And I'll have time to bathe. There is a partially working bathtub in the upstairs here, largely disassembled but at least hot and cold running water. I was offered the opportunity last night, of course, but I just went comatose right away. So everyone in the future on this trip can be thankful for that. Lol. Some Americans are so poor that all they have is money, and the rest of us Americans insanely want to be so poor. Madness. PS. Hey liberals, these are the folks you ridicule. These are the folks you deride. These are the folks you consider yourself so Superior to. You know what? These are not the folks grotesquely over consuming and thereby destroying the planet. That would be you. These are not the folks with all their grandiose ideas destroying the world. That would be you. These are not the scientists developing GMOs, pesticides, Advanced Weaponry, high speed Trading, drones, electronic surveillance systems , that would be you scientist 90% liberal. Every one of these folks has been so kind to me. I suspect every one of the non colored folks is a trump supporter. With my two Advanced degrees, Ultra sophisticated Northern upbringing, this is one of the very few places I have ever felt like I was not an alien, one of the few places that ever felt like home.

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