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Elf cycling. Which developments last several days. Oops, back of thighs, pressing against lower back

This is amazing to me. Huge strides in effectively handling this vehicle. Just now. Last few days. 1. Attempting to press,  relax, lower back into lower seat every second. 2. This creates a sense of elongation, an opportunity to stretch the leg toward the arch.

3. Ball of foot on the pedals. 4. Launching the leg stretch deliberately firing. 5. Using the hamstrings glutes.

This all seems 2 give a 10 or 20%, 10 or 20 increase in human Watt hours at a similar or greater relaxation. very amazing.

Central to this development was the notion of relaxing my lower back into the seat, slightly if only mentally rotating the lumbar back ever so slightly into the seat.

Seems revolutionary. Maybe fleeting. I don't think so. We will see.

This long stretch 30 miles from Williamsburg to Hampton University and then back  is quite flat relatively. There by the natural state of this vehicle manifests itself. At 9 to 10 miles an hour it is human-powered. an additional two or three miles per hour doubles power requirement. 9 miles per hour requires approximately 13 watts per mile, 12 miles per hour requires approximately 26.

Glutes instead of the knees

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