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I'll forever regret this: What! I snapped at The Voice......

I'll forever regret this: What! I snapped at The Voice...... This I barked as I was in the near empty Ace Hardware parking lot after it closed hours into maintenance and repair work , doubled over under the steering wheel wrestling a last bit of storage space for a backpack. Immediately after the bark I emerged to see a warm, kind, thoughtful young man with a cup of tea and a bag full of snacks and soup for me.

10 X earlier such approaches when I was either resting, sleeping with my eyes closed, in an awkward position working on the vehicle, the prior 10 times in half as many days it was some idle question showing total disregard and disrespect for another human being trying to get some sleep or working hard.

I never snap in those situations. I may not reply. I may look up and return to my work without an answer. But I never snap, I never barked. But at this kind soul, Ryan, I did. What a horror.

Not once or twice a year do I do such a thing. I think he forgave me immediately but I don't know. I'm just horrified.

He stayed for 10 or 15 minutes asking what I was up to. A student at William and Mary, he says that he lives in an apartment just the other side of the trees where I'll be sleeping in the parking lot tonight.

He had early on indicated that he had looked up online.

He was so kind, yet judging from how he exited it was not the kind of exchange that he expected, and not the kind of exchange I wish I had provided. I rarely make such mistakes. I hope not to do so soon in the future.

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