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Organic Transit ELF. Fabulous concept, will be stable in several years, support is a horrible nightmare, company unlikely to make it.

I adore this vehicle.

The support and service from the company has gone from horrible to Way Beyond horrible. As near as I can tell these are nice folks although it is hard to reconcile they are with the unbelievably atrocious support and policies. But I think that they're decent folks. As best as I can then understand their atrocious policies and support is that they must be in severe financial trouble, possibly going out of business, thereby under the control of some soulless MBA venture capitalist that's in the final stages of destroying their business. They have a warranty and if you're willing to pay roughly 200% of the cost of any item, absolutely ridiculous Freight and handling charges, delays of months or many weeks if you're lucky, after Hoops to jump through, excuses, challenges, dropped balls, then yes, they have a warranty. Did I mention that roughly once a year they replace their general manager and much of the staff so year-to-year no one knows anything? Did I mention they have a firewall that would make your cable TV company Green With Envy, you don't get to talk to a person in this company. not if your vehicle is broken down and needs support urgently. Not if it is a  physical emergency. When they get to you truly honestly is weeks or months. I dearly wish I were exaggerating, because then my life would have been immensely easier the last six months and a technology that I deeply respect would have a chance of surviving which as things stand right now it certainly does not. If you have insane amounts of money to spend and not only to purchase the vehicle but to pay the double or triple Bike Shop fees if you can find anyone to work on the vehicle, and the huge cost of replacing part after part, solar panel, transmission..., and if as it relates to keeping the vehicle running,  aligning the tires,  tuning the system,  you expect absolutely zero support, then this may be for you.  It is a spectacular concept.  It is a reasonable first generation  implementation physically, think Wright Brothers plane number 2.  It is among the worst nightmares in terms of support that I've experienced in my 65 years. So sad. And they seem to be absolutely 100% comfortable, self-satisfied, at peace with that.

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