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***** To the material investors in this Mission: you are few. Years go by and there are none of you. But some of you have stepped up in.......

To the material investors in this Mission:  you are few. Years go by and there are none of you. But some of you have stepped up in big and not so big ways in recent days. I find my reaction odd. I need nothing. I want nothing personally. But it is with awesome joy that your material support is received. I want nothing for me personally but with every fiber of my being I want the mission to succeed. It is a worthy Mission. It is a worthwhile mission. No credit to me, a torch blazes in my chest and there is the possibility that by moving that torch around the country it may cause the flame in the chest of others to burn brighter. It could help to start the fire sufficient to provide a decent future for all of creation. Almost certainly it will not, but there is the slim chance. It is an intelligent and much-needed mission. The only thing that can make me stop is for my pulse to stop , or for me to see a better way to serve creation, which seems unlikely. But the amplitude of pursuit of the mission is very much a function of how many people contribute how much to it. I have and will continue to contribute every breath, every resource to it, for the joy of it. But I can't do more than that personally. You, by contributing, you increase the amplitude materially, and spiritually, in part spiritually by feeding mine. Gratefully,  James.

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