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EFLIUS Day 39: Hopefully Wednesday looks like a realistic departure on the 1700 mile, 33000 foot climb, to North Dakota. Pretty.....

EFLIUS Day 39: Hopefully Wednesday looks like a realistic departure on the 1700 mile, 33000 foot climb, to North Dakota. Pretty dangerous. Pretty good mission. I'm absolutely bleeding money into this vehicle. It's all appropriate. I just don't have it. Nothing left for warm clothes and food. when I set out I thought I'd be in Florida by now. It went down to 48 degrees last night. I found out that my sleeping bag is good to about 50. LOL. Maybe you have friends that would like to contribute. I'll press on regardless. I'm really glad for the mission. Some wonderful folks have taken me in and helped me repair the vehicle. But it has been agony being marooned for 3 weeks now.... < if there is a true activist alive today, I know that individual, and that individual just asked how they can contribute. I sensed you were in trouble. How can I help?" They already contribute everything they have and everything they are to the world's neediest. This was my reply>:, but not from you! How many times did I tell you you can't take a transfusion from your left arm and put it into your right arm? LOL. See if you can shame some of your friends into it. PayPal works with the email address, and pop money. With the email address. Western Union also works. Western Union is more difficult because apparently they need to know what state you're in. If my current schedule holds I should be in West Virginia by this weekend, and Ohio early next week. But we still could hit a snag with the vehicle. It has been totally not operational for two weeks +.  Dead. The factory owner is so freaking psychotic that when at the suggestion of one of their employees I showed up with it at their site for a two-hour repair I would gladly have paid through the nose for they said, get this off the property. You are two months out of warranty. Get this off the property.  Organic Transit, Durham North Carolina. $200 in repair has turned into $800 in new electrical system purchased and probably another $800 in donated labor and three weeks delay to the mission. Incredibly cruel. The vehicle will be much more durable now, much more durable, and I expect that it will be my vehicle, my boat, my solar Fusion bike car sailor, the free Palestine vehicle, for as many years as I can proceed. So in the long run it will pay off, but my credit cards are hemorrhaging to death. If I can get past the next three months I'll be okay, but it's pretty tight right now..... A wonderful family has taken me in, and he is a world-class expert in large Plant automation Electronics. But not in ebike so there has been much learning and trial and error. And the experts in the field are nice folks but they like designing and selling but not helping so much. But it appears that the worst is behind us and tomorrow things may wrap up. They have just been incredible in unflinchingly supporting me for weeks now. They are a North Carolina Southern conservative family while they both are professional people, he is former Army, and I have learned a tremendous amount by being here.... There may not be many families in the South that would have taken me in, but there would be fewer families in the north that would take me in,   and way more that would help me,  in the south. There may be families in the South that will kill me, and possibly fewer in the north that would. LOL. My incredible activist friend also asked about, what about a bus ticket to ND, put the vehicle in storage? My reply:  The vehicle is really Central to my work. The voyage is Central to my work. I'm sure of that. It can draw, it does draw, so much positive attention to Palestine, global warming, renewable energy,  North Dakota,  Loving,  Universal Family. No, the journey is everything. 'You are right,' my friend said.

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