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EFLIUS Day 43: Okay, the joke's over. I'm ready for this to stop. The chain snapped and......

EFLIUS Day 43: Okay, the joke's over. I'm ready for this to stop. The chain snapped and the vehicle is marooned here in beautiful country in the middle of absolutely nowhere in terms of access to a bike store, Walmart, a hardware store with a bike chain.... The good news is a kindly and very expert bikeguy about 4 weeks ago thought to give me a chain repair kit. The bad news is that the pieces that join the repaired chain are the wrong size which I figured out after an hour of trying to get the chain together. Using the phone of an elderly farmer and his wife who so kindly stopped with this ragamuffin weird looking guy. They let me use the phone. Offered to transport the vehicle and the truck but it was too small. Did I mention that I'm literally 40 miles away from any place where my cell phone, or internet access might work? That ended about 3 o'clock in the afternoon yesterday. Oddly, at 4 this morning the 2G Wi-Fi was able to send a few things. Currently I'm in a small restaurant recharging batteries, eating at the buffet, recharging the body,  using the Wi-Fi. I anticipate sleeping sitting up in the Food Lion parking lot the next two nights. I hope the police have a sense of humor. The farmer went around the bend to a fellow he knew and arranged for me to charge my batteries, depleted after a 3000 foot, six hour climb. Charged the batteries for 2 hours talking to the extremely Charming couple. Everyone said, the climbing is behind you. Then there was another 1200 feet, huge. I'm exhausted. Marooned here until late Monday afternoon when parts arrive via UPS. Another $50 bled. This is a town of 400. There is one stop light. It is the only stoplight in the entire huge County. I am not deriding it. It's wonderful. It's just hell for my current situation. There is a hotel, $100 a night. That's not going to happen. I'm so tired. I'll be fine. I'm ready for the jokes to stop stop. this is Trivial trivial trivial trivial in comparison with the people that are really suffering. But yes, I'm ready for the jokes to stop.

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