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"If they want to shoot me that's totally fine with me."  This I found myself saying as I sat for several.......

"If they want to shoot me that's totally fine with me."  This I found myself saying as I sat for several moments in the herbal tent receiving heat from a fire prior to heading into a different unheated kitchen to do my 22nd hour of dishes this last four days. It's 15 degrees Fahrenheit, and getting a bit chilly. Chiller still tomorrow and then it begins warming up into the twenties again. Several folks in the herbal tent were discussing the story that dapple fired three rounds of live ammunition last night, one of them shattering a car window. I don't know if this is true. It's fine with me if it is, and I would be delighted if they shot me as I stand right now. They are brutal. They are Savage. They are destroying everything, all future, for the Next Generation let alone the next seven generations. The only force that can stop them are tens of millions of cowardly sideline sitters that begin to see atrocities visited on bodies like mine in time for them to wake up. Yes, they probably will not wake up. But that's the only way it would happen and I would be delighted to be one of the First atrocities. I'm a good man. I do nothing but love all of humanity all of creation as do many of the people here in the camp. What I wish to happen to me is what those in tahrir square wished would happen to them if necessary, what those on the bridge in Selma wished would happen to them to protect their progeny, if necessary, what those at the darshana saltworks expected would happen to them to give a future to their progeny. Why the f*** would anyone not want to do this? I know why not in my head but I totally don't know why not in my heart. The heart can never know why. Only the mind can fabricate the ridiculous distractions and excuses. The infinite infinite infinite infinite infinite excuses. As per this massively important post below I want a darshana saltworks March. I want thousands of us to announce a week prior that we are Marching to the drill pad, that we are taking equipment to destroy the equipment at the drill pad, that we are taking ladders or whatever to get through the moats that have been dug around the drill pad otherwise making it inaccessible. that we expect not to succeed in reaching the drill pad. that we expect in exercising our human and legal right to protect the commons of our children and grandchildren that we will be executed, maimed, or at best put in prison as terrorists for the rest of our days. And that we are fine with that. That we know that only by exercising our rights, our duty, as dignified parents, brothers, sisters, Aunts, Uncles, grandmothers, grandfathers, can we enable the full savagery of the corporate Frankenstein monster machine to become evident so that the f****** cowardly happily confused onlookers on the sidelines wake up and see the machine headed directly for them in time to stand up and stop it. There is no other way. I don't want there to be another way. I am simply grateful to see the way and will do whatever I can to bring about what I have just discussed above. I hope that you read and watch and Ponder the following post and share it. And if you don't you bear the responsibility. I'll continue to do my part but I can't do yours.

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