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Standing Rock update: I am not here for Native rights. I am not here.......

Standing Rock update: I am not here for Native rights. I am not here for treaty rights. That's far too little far too late. I'm here for human rights. Any of us that are fighting for anything other than human rights and maybe creation rights, but that's probably a strategic non-starter that is too esoteric, anyone that is not fighting for human rights in whatever arena is strategically wasting their time. Am I against native rights? Am I against treaty rights? Of course not! Am I against the right of children and current citizens to clean water? Of course I'm not. But for us to put these fragmented issues front and center is way too little way too late. Human rights is what we morally need to be fighting for and strategically if we did that paying a big enough price people might begin to understand that there is only one set of Human Rights and the people receiving the least are receiving what we all can expect in the future.

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