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Standing Rock update: The Savior of standing rock, grandma Regina, said.......

Standing Rock update:  The Savior of standing rock, grandma Regina, said that we are not to take this next bullet. We are to go and continue the fight elsewhere. She says that no purpose will be served by getting arrested again and in fact it will decrease the clarity of our arrest 3 days ago in the treaty stand.  By the way, I, and most of those arrested with me, face $5,000 fine and a year and prison.

There is a likelihood less than 15% that the other camps will be raided Monday, & a 95% chance that they will be raided on Tuesday. The odds appear to be 80% that on Tuesday it is not the desire of the state forces to arrest people or bust heads. But they will clear the camp. Anyone there on Tuesday if they are seen to be clearly moving quickly out of the camp will not be arrested or harassed. Anyone that resists should expect the use the Force.

Three days ago we were lied to when we were told similar things, that they would not come in that day, and 15 minutes later they were arresting Regina. That could happen again here but I do not expect it.

Probably half of the black hoop camp evacuated today and the rest, most of the rest, expects to evacuate tomorrow, Monday. I cannot speak for sacred stone.

When I last wrote I expected to stay and get arrested, refusing to leave the bullying by the state and by the Cowardly Tribal Leaders, greedy for their casino dollars. But even before hearing from Grandma Regina today my plan changed.

Anyone that has followed me in 3 weeks knows that aside from using my criminal case to stand alongside grandma Regina in her treaty stand, the next greatest opportunity I see to help Humanity is to build the first of the series of Earth ships that use neither fossil fuels nor even the great energy required for solar voltiacs and wind in the traditional sense, but rather to use the stored cooling of the earth in the summertime to avoid huge energy cooling requirements, and to use the huge stored summer earth heat for winter heating. And many other similar non fossil fuel, none capitalist energy sources. We need to starve the Beast or it will continue and finally destroy us.

Well, it may be that the single most important thing that the 8 or nine months of standing Rock did was to bring together a dozen or so people with the skills, heart, commitment, intelligence, courage, tenacity, to do this.

We are at the casino tonight having moved out of the land that is under threat today. We're resting and gathering our thoughts. Tomorrow we go to Mandan where our vehicles if NOT been destroyed they are impounded, and if our cell phones are going to be returned that's where they are. So we'll be exploring that. Then we expect to go to some safe place for a week or so to chart our course from there, evaluating six or so potential pieces of land, beginning to explore who might want to support with funding, etcetera.

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