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A very dear, Christward-looking fellow posted today directing his followers to a beautiful nature scene and suggesting they look for the beautiful around them. My reply: Friend, I share this.....

A very dear, Christward-looking fellow  posted today  directing his followers  to a beautiful nature scene  and suggesting they look for the beautiful around them. My reply: Friend, I share this as a duty as a brother. I will unfollow you because I find posts like, that beautiful nature scene, it's so important to find the good things around us, so dissonant with My Soul. I don't have the energy for the distraction, not that you should care, and absolutely I mean no offense. The Jesus that I know never would have written such a thing, never thought such a thing. The Jesus that I know realized that life, Joy, is in looking in the opposite direction. Yes, the ultimate counterintuitive. Life is found in seeing, in looking for, in finding, the most in pain, the most suffering, and serving in solidarity from the soul to improve their situation or die trying. Joy is in the exact opposite direction of pleasure. Does Someone Like Jesus not find positive experience in a beautiful sunset? Of course. It comes with the territory. Do they look at it? Do they look for it? Do they direct others there? As you do unto the least of these you do unto me. I am not trying to reopen a dialogue. We've discussed this many times. Your brother forever, no matter what, James

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