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Are you a missionary, she asked? I was walking out.......

Are you a missionary, she asked? I was walking out to get something from the vehicle having checked into this non corporate coffee shop so that the vehicle, starve the corporate state, could be in this town on the Main Street for three hours or so. This after purchasing a replacement 16 inch tire for the trailer from a local bike shop Although I could have saved a couple of bucks at Walmart just a mile away. I don't freeload and what money I have I'd rather go to a tip than toward purchasing a product so I have a slightly expired, half off, $1.56 muffin in front of me and I'm nursing coffee from the earlier stop. Are you a missionary, she asked? She had seen my shirt. I didn't know how to answer the question, so I thought for a minute and replied, yes, I suppose that I am.

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