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Exploration for life, to plant seeds, to Kindle Fires, will resume soon. Another.....

### Exploration for life, to plant seeds, to Kindle Fires, will resume soon. Another two full days of repair work and the vehicle should be almost ready but departure cannot resume until after Friday when a very expensive battery arrives that was used up on the Sprint from North Carolina to Standing Rock last fall. If you have recommendations of folks who would like to provide a night's lodging,  (traveling in the Midwest region for the next several months), or folks that should receive a visit, please let me know and I'll begin to put things on maps. Departure is from Bemidji Minnesota. Directions will be determined by you, in part,  which of you reply with what suggestions. He wept, wiped tears from his eyes, the nice, large, late forties man in his big white pickup truck, as he heard the story of the vehicle, the journey, the quest. He was deeply moved by my rhetorical question, what are we leaving our kids and grandkids? His heart was most definitely stirred. The one thing required, the only thing required, for a decent future for all creation is stirred Hearts. Sometimes this journey does that. Also, donations are welcome and needed at my email address start underscore loving at (Those of you that watch this journey but never help, if the words, voyeurism, freeloader, do not fit, please don't wear them.)

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