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I choose a physically difficult and somewhat dangerous path. My body is rarely happy about it. My soul.....

I choose a physically difficult and somewhat dangerous path. My body is rarely happy about it. My soul is so Satisfied with my choice. I was born and raised to the over-privileged path and existed that way for my first 50 years. Point being, I know what material over-privilege feels like, all of the pleasures, all the intoxications. There is little of that in my days now. Among other things I cancelled a beautiful comfortable apartment in Washington DC, six months ago, to the horror of my body, realizing that my soul needed me as close to the front lines standing against the destruction of everything decent for the rest of my days. My body was and is horrified at the choice. My soul wins out and there is never a moment when my nervous system is not glad at the decision that I made. By using literally every breath as best I can see to do to serve the neediest on earth now, and who will be on Earth in the future, among other things I bring out the hatred in some people, but the goodness in many people. Sometimes they directed it toward me and the goodness is very nice to receive. But more than nice to receive it is nice to see. I don't personally receive the beauty of a natural View but I get get great joy from seeing it. Similarly with the beauty that I see in people's kindness which my life path sometimes brings out. It is a natural path that I walk, natural to we humans. Completely unnatural to we who are brought up in this sickest of all cultures. But some of us can claw our way back to this natural path. No credit to me, I have, and I wish for others to do the same.

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