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### James, you are so........

### James, you are so inspiring to us. James, you make me so happy when I see you. James, I am so glad that you have stayed in the camp and not left..... Almost every day people say stuff like that to me. Fortunately, people are very supportive and appreciative to each other in this camp. But it is genuine towards me and I know practically no one in my life that has ever felt that way toward me with almost no exceptions except for my father and God knows why that was.. This is only the second time or third time in my life that I have been with a group and not felt like a total and complete alien. A species that did not belong on planet Earth. (10 days of democracy spring last year being another.) Whereever I've been before almost no one wanted to talk about the things I wanted to talk about. Here people are already talking about, thinking about, exploring, living the things that I care about. This is the rebel alliance. I never thought I'd see it. I've always wanted to be among people with the same father, the same grandfather, the same Creator as I,  Loving, and long ago it became clear to me I would never see that. But now all day long I experience it.